KNA board member emeritus and nationally renowned oil artist Robert Leland Pence lived on the beach at Gratiot River North for 10 weeks and painted a 4 foot x 8 foot master oil

In the Moment. Plein air extreme! The painting depicts the shoreline at GRN and contiguous Gratiot River County Park at sunset on a calm evening. The sun has dropped below the clouds and is shining a golden spotlight on the scene, moments before disappearing below the horizon. The air is still. The water moves gently on the shore. A loon calls in the distance. Serenity reigns.

Mr. Pence has donated all 250 signed/numbered 24”x 52” canvas Giclee Prints and five 41”x90” (nearly full size) Artist Proofs to Keweenaw Natural Areas. The Prints are available for $1,000. The large and rare Artist Proofs are available for $5,000. Framing is additional and can be done by the buyer or by KNA. All proceeds go directly to retiring the GRN debt (75% to 90% of the cost is a deductible donation).

Click the highlighted link if you’d like to purchase an Unframed Print or Framed Print, or an Unframed Artist Proof or Framed Artist Proof using PayPal or a credit card.

To see the art in person, visit the KNA Nature Center at the Ahmeek Streetcar Station

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In the Moment